COG Insurance Guide 2018

Insurance perfect for your business


However, insurance is one thing for your business that needs dedicated research as it can protect you from extreme financial loss due to injury, accidental damage or a negative event.


It is best to use a company that will go to the next step for you and find an insurance policy best suited to your business.


For example, a beauty salon should choose a company that specialises in the same sector, but still provides the essentials such as public and employers’ liability. Click here.


We also suggest finding an insurance company that best understands your needs and who understand the industry too.


This way, it could be easier to deal with any problems as they will be able to recognise what needs to be done. Call 020 8655 0444 to find out about salon insurance.

Mortgages Exercises

A Harry and Julia Newton earn basic pay of £4,800 and £30,500 a year respectively. Under Harry's terms of employment he is entitled to a bonus that varies in amount but which has averaged £600 a year over the last three years; £400 of this is guaranteed. A building society has indicated that on an earnings basis it would consider an application for a £16,750 mortgage on the joint incomes under normal conditions, but that with interest levels of 15% the total borrowing would be restricted to £13,675. Show the society's calculations of these amounts. Could the couple hope to get a top-up loan to bring... see: Mortgages Exercises

Personal And Business Finance 2018

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